If you a driver seeking a new vehicle but can't find the right trim level in our inventory, set up a custom order at Jaguar Livermore. Countless drivers have used this service to build the ideal Jaguar for their needs. At Jaguar Livermore, we're excited to help you make your automotive goals happen. Learn more about the process below.

What is a Custom Order?

Not all cars are created equal. Vehicles are offered in various trim levels, which feature a wide variety of amenities for drivers to take advantage of.

For example, staple vehicles in the Jaguar lineup, like the F-TYPE and the I-PACE, have a series of trim levels. Each of these trim levels has its own set of unique features for drivers to benefit from. Examples of these features can include a different powertrain, heated seats, dual-zone climate control, drive modes, and more.

Set up a Custom Order

At Jaguar Livermore, we have the full Jaguar lineup available for purchase. These models are available now at our showroom, but a custom order allows you to further specify the features you want for your brand new vehicle.

Whatever your preferences may be, we can help you get exactly what you need. When you reach out to our sales team and specify the model you want, we will provide you with a complete list of custom features and equipment packages across the various trim options. Once you've found all the features you want, place a custom order and in no time, you will have your dream Land Rover in your possession.

Place Your Custom Order Today!

Jaguar Livermore is ready to help you take the next step on your automotive journey. Contact our finance team to place a custom order and explore financing options that fit your unique budget. Your custom order Jaguar will be available for pickup at Jaguar Livermore before you know it. Contact us today!

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