As part of the shift in the industry, many automakers are focusing more of their attention on all-electric models. The Jaguar company is ready to make a bold move, and by 2025, it expects all of its models to be all-electric versions. This target date isn't too far away, and it's something that we're very excited about at Jaguar Livermore.

Jaguar is ready to re-imagine things, but the company is still going to focus on what it knows best: how to build luxury, high-end vehicles. The company plans on keeping all three of its existing British plants open as it shifts production plans. We're confident that Livermore customers will be pleased with the final product. Jaguars are sophisticated in so many ways, in addition to being incredibly powerful and athletic. We've already learned that electric vehicles can have an incredible about of horsepower and torque. There's no doubt that Jaguar will come up with a winning formula to keep their vehicles performing well.

Another piece of news you might be interested in is that Jaguar is planning to invest in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Right now, only a few vehicles run on hydrogen fuel cells, producing zero emissions. Water is the only by-product of what happens when the fuel cells create electric power. This makes fuel-cell vehicles an intriguing choice for those who want to be more environmentally friendly as they drive around Livermore. The company is developing a plan to make hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles more practical and widely available.

Stay Tuned

We can't wait to see what Jaguar comes up with, and we'd be happy to keep you updated on the latest developments. You could be one of the first in our area to get a new all-electric Jaguar.

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