People use many words to express how they feel about their SUVs. They provide exceptional versatility and interior space, safety throughout every ride, and comfort features that make you actually WANT to drive. If you’re considering the switch from a sedan or truck to an SUV, then you may want to stick around. We’ve developed a few acronyms to show why people love driving used SUVs.

Supremely Underestimated Vehicle

If you’ve driven an SUV before, you know what it’s capable of. But, if you haven’t, this one’s for you. Your SUV packs a lot of power for its size. Now, we’re not talking about super-duty pickup power, but there’s enough to pull a few thousand pounds or more behind you. With the right towing equipment hitched to your rear end, you might be surprised at how much you can pull along. Likewise, some SUVs have incredible horsepower and performance capabilities. We’re talking about the acceleration and power of some of the nation's most popular muscle cars loaded into your engine. Don’t underestimate the power and capability of your used SUV.

Super Ultra Vacation

Now, you can bring the whole family on those out-of-town vacations. You’ll save money by traveling on the road as opposed to buying a fist full of plane tickets. And, unlike the family sedan, your family won’t feel cramped and uncomfortable during the ride. A plethora of entertainment features, USB ports, and the like will keep your family streaming during your travels. When you add the towing power to the package, you can also bring some big toys on the trip or the camper for even more fun. Now, that’s a super-ultra vacation.

Jaguar Livermore

If you want to experience the versatility of a Supremely Underestimated Vehicle and enjoy your Super Ultra Vacation, then you may want to check out our pre-owned SUVs. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a new SUV when you can have a pre-owned vehicle at a fraction of the cost. Let us know when you want to stop by for a test drive—and then, you may come up with a brand new acronym to describe your favorite SUV.