Although the way that brake fluid in your car works to slow your car down is usually easy to understand, the types of fluid that you can put in your car are a bit more difficult to differentiate. Jaguar Livermore can add fluid if the level in your car is low and ensure that the proper type is added depending on the kind of car you have.

Glycol fluid is usually sold in different grades, similar to motor oil. You can also get brake fluid that has a silicone base. A fluid that has glycol is usually used in cars that have an ABS system while a silicone-based fluid is typically used in cars that don't have an anti-lock brake system.

One of the details to keep in mind is that you usually can't mix the two types of fluid together. The glycol in the fluid will usually deteriorate the condition of the silicone. If you notice any issues while braking in Livermore, you might need to check your fluid levels and the type.



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