A stinky vehicle will lose its value and enjoyment in a short amount of time. Maybe you've left a mug of coffee in the center console for too many days. Your toddler dropped a snack under the seat and you can't seem to find it. Use these tips to get your car clean and fresh in no time at all.?
  • Periodically you should be cleaning your vehicle using a vacuum. Clean under the seats, in all the cracks and crevices and the floor mats. You can use a deodorizing carpet powder if you would like to deodorize.
  • Try not to eat or keep food in your vehicle. The extreme temperature fluctuations can cause quite a stinky mess.
  • If your pets are traveling with you, keep the seats covered with something you can remove and wash periodically.
  • Crack those windows for some fresh air each time your drive.


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