Jaguar XE: Where Performance and Luxury Meet

The Jaguar XE is the newest performance luxury sedan offered by Jaguar and you can tell they put a lot of time and effort into making the interior merge the two worlds of performance and luxury.

The XE's interior can be fully customized to fit your personal taste. You can have red racing accents everywhere or wrap everything in leather and wood. The XE can have a more traditional luxury interior, or it can incorporate more modern racing materials depending on what is the best fit for you. The XE has a fully digital dash that allows for it to display more than an analog counterpart. The dash and the center touch screen work together to provide a cohesive experience of technology and machine.

The Jaguar XE interior is the perfect marriage of performance and luxury materials in a car. The interior is only part of the complete package that you can come and test drive at Jaguar Livermore.



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