The Importance of the Engine Cooling & Radiator System Check

The cooling system in your vehicle is a complicated system and is comprised of a number of parts that all need to work as one to protect the internals of the engine. Here are a few of those vital parts.
  1. The thermostat has to be able to regulate the temperatures or the system is at risk of overheating and all the internal parts could be damaged.
  2. The water pump is moved by a belt, so this belt must be solid and tight, or the pump can't move the coolant fast enough to keep it cool.
  3. The radiator not only must be filled with coolant, it has to be obstruction free and the cap needs to be the right pressure.
  4. The radiator fan has to cool the engine fluids as they pass through the radiator or the motor will overheat and seize.
Now is a great time to schedule your cooling system maintenance check at Jaguar Livermore!
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